Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What makes you smile and feel like the richest person on earth?

Like I said at the beginning of this blog. It is mostly about fishing. But at this moment it's about what makes me live, laugh and, love. I present to you, my family. Terri, my wife. Shea, my son. And let us not forget my first born, my baby girl, Carlye Paige. That Green sunfish she caught noodling during a flood last year here at home.  Man, am I smiling! Until next time. Keep your drag set right!! Sean.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dealing with heat and high waters

When I did my first post I quickly mentioned that we had finally broken a heat wave here in Iowa. Since then we have had two more. One which we are going through right now. In between we have had some heavy rains which have raised water levels very high and dirty.
I am a river fisherman. Born and raised. When the water is turbid, I am pretty much guaranteed the fish aren't biting at my favorite fishing holes. With that in mind, the wife and I decided to go to the Big Marsh in Parkersburg. When the waters are high there usually water leaving a spillway into the West Fork. After a one hour ride and road work delaying us we got to the marsh to find no water. What a bust. We battled road construction on the way back and stopped at a golf course that sets along side what is called Beaver Creek. I have caught nice smallies here and have seen my fathers pole bend 90 degrees in the center before the line snapped with a whip like crack. Wish I could have seen what was on the end of his line.

But today the wife and I casted out minnows 12-15" under a bobber. The result was very satisfying. I landed two 16" smallies at 2lb. each. My wife struck out. But she told me she really enjoys watching me getting all worked up at the fun I have fishing. Feels good to have a groupie roadie!!
I worked the calm spot on the other side of the white water you see directly behind my right shoulder. I kept my rod tip very high to keep my line out of the swift water from taking me away from where I thought the fish would be. And it paid off well. These pics were taken on 7-25-11. Praying for lower waters and cooler temps.
I would like show a beauty of a bronze back my wife caught last year. A 17 incher. I was envious of this fish and very happy for my wife on this catch.
Until next time keep your Drag set right.