Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reason for my blog

I'm sure there is no super life changing or eye opeing event that will be posted here. I am trying this blog mainly to share my outings and thoughts of what I think works and doesn't work in certain situations on the water.
I'm also kind of looking forward to talking to other people even if no one talks back.
I was going to give you a short detailed background of me but, I figured why bore you with that. Let's just leave this at that I am a family man with a love for the outdoors. An angel for a wife (Terri) and two beautiful children (Carlye a teenage daughter and Shea a four month old boy).
I work hard for my living and haven't many friends around here. So I am hoping this blog helps me make some along the way.

Since my last post it has been scorching hot here in Iowa. When that ended Friday we had Rains form heaven to drown the plants! So nothing new to share for recent outings. Here are some pics of old to share.
The top is my wife Terri with her personal best a 5lb northern. Yeah she's afraid to handle it. "IT HAS TEETH"!! And below Carlye with a monster hybrid caught at a private farm pond.
Until next time. Keep your drag set right.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Evening fishing

After supper my wife and I decided to go back to our local fishing hole. My wife Terri chose to sit on the bank and fish a minnow. She had no luck.
I like to swim with the fishes. the water level is no more than knee deep this time of year. I have been using a 3" Rapala Perch top floater. This bait has proved itself time and again for me on smallmouth bass. Needless to say upside of live bait this is my go to bait. I only put one fish on the line at the dam and he was a beautiful 17" smallie.
With fishing being slow we decided to go to campground that lies on the bank of the Wapsi River. Again I jumped into the murky shallows to fish a hole with bramble and stumps. I hooked up right away. A very strong fish pulled my lure right off. Broke my line! ARRRGH! Three times at this spot a dandy of a fish has gotten the best of me. which brings me to the point of bait you like to use. If you love it, then buy at least three! That was my only perch. I will go back and I will conquer. I hope.

The wife at the dam. She loves this spot. She has caught her personal best fish here. A 5lb. northern.

The next time I post I hope to have more of a purpose for you of why I am doing this and introduce you to my family. Until then, keep your Drag set right.

The start of something I hope we all enjoy.

Hello. My name is Sean. I live in northeastern Iowa. My passion in life is my family, outdoors and beer.
Pretty typical of most. Since my brother known to outdoor bloggers as 'Wandering Owl' had been writing a couple of his own blogs the thought of sharing parts of my endeavors, and parts of my life has appealed to me. I don't know if what I have to share is worth your time, but I would like to share it. I will be writing about my fishing outings mostly. My family (for which there is the most important reason to live). And beer! I love beer.
I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope that I can appeal to all who visit.

Yesterday, my post spawn drought finally broke. It has been about a month since the smallies shut down from spawning here in northeastern Iowa. With a storm moving into the area, and temperatures getting down to 75 degrees, my wife and I fished our local stream and had some fun. We landed eight smallies total, four of them were keepers.

I will post older pics as time goes by. After the day had ended for fishing I sat back and enjoyed a new beer tha was introduced to me. 'Brother Benedict's Bock' YUM!