Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall time fishing

Hey all! Sorry. It's been a couple of months since my last post. It's been busy here in the Harn household. Work, work, work. Family gatherings. Baptism of my son, Shea. And let us not forget, work.
With that done and gone I have had a few chances to get and wet my waders.
The rivers here in northeast Iowa have stayed late season low. No more than 1 ft. deep in my proper tactical casting spots. We have gone through a cold spell also. Which I thought would turn on fish.
Tis' the season for walleyes and northern to start biting more aggressively. I haven't had any luck in that department. I have caught 2 smallies under 8" and 1 brook trout at 6". and that's all.
I still haven't replaced the family camera yet, so no pics of what I've landed or what's been happening around me with seasons change. I am not giving up on what could be a great fall season of fishing.
If favors are granted to me I am hoping to make a trip to southern Iowa and fish Saylorville reservoir near Des Moines, IA. Also make a stop at Red Rock Reservoir. And hopefully Rathbun Reservoir and fish the spillways for stripers. That always makes for a fun day.
I am looking to those that are following my blog to help me on something that is pulling me both ways. I am not an ice fisherman. But I do not want to sit idle during winter. I hated it when I was a kid. But that was with no gear to stay out of the cold. Well times have changed and I have my own money now to buy gear. What are your opinions on ice fishing? Please help.
 Here are some old pics of when I fished a small lake last year with a buddy of mine. First perch I've caught since I was a kid.
 A long day of weeding through bullheads to catch these yummies.
Until next time keep your drag set right! Sean.


  1. Hey Sean. Nice thing about the blogroll is that when you do post, it pops up right at the top. Personally I don't ice fish. Too many have fallen through out here and I'm too old to sit out on the ice and freeze. I do, on the other hand, sit on the shore and fish in the cold as I did this morning.


  2. Hey! Nice to hear from you again. Put up Carlye's catfish! Then click my name - I'm on the move again...

  3. Hello Sean, just bounced over here from Shoreman's blog at Northern California Trout. I have been a fan and blogging friend of your brother's for a few years now. Just hit the follow button on your site and will be back regularly. I will also add your blog to my blogroll so I know when you post something new. How about sharing a link with me on your blogroll? Anyway, happy hook ups my new blogging friend.