Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hanging with my b-day buddy.

The weather for mid October today was great. Mid 60's and sunny. With the Hawkeyes winning the game and plus for the wife driving me out of the house so she could clean I dropped off Shea, my son, to grandma and picked up my nephew. My birthday sharing buddy, Mason.

He was quick to get out and fish! Thank God for that. I thought maybe after the last trip he went with me on that took all day, 250 miles and no fish to show that he would never go with me again.

We decided to fish close to home. We stopped at Fontana Wildlife Exhibit and Park in Hazleton, IA.

Back about 25 years ago my father used to take my brother and I here and we would catch Smallies all day long. Times have changed for this fishing hole. Being over run by carp really hurt it bad. But in the past few years I have seen some come back in more desirable fish. IE: Smallies, Crappie, and today Rock Bass. A fisherman's tale told to me "If you have rock bass in your waters that it is a sign of those waters are doing well and will prosper."

I hope that is true. I appreciate having fishing holes close to home that provide quality fish for all to enjoy. I was so excited for Mason for catching some fish today. It's great to have the children catch fish and not just see us old dogs pull them in. It keeps their heart in what should be cherished most beside family, the love for the outdoors. The excitement in their faces is priceless.
Until next time, keep you drag set right!

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  1. Could not have said it better. Thanks for your efforts in keeping today's youngsters involved in fishing!