Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Evening fishing

After supper my wife and I decided to go back to our local fishing hole. My wife Terri chose to sit on the bank and fish a minnow. She had no luck.
I like to swim with the fishes. the water level is no more than knee deep this time of year. I have been using a 3" Rapala Perch top floater. This bait has proved itself time and again for me on smallmouth bass. Needless to say upside of live bait this is my go to bait. I only put one fish on the line at the dam and he was a beautiful 17" smallie.
With fishing being slow we decided to go to campground that lies on the bank of the Wapsi River. Again I jumped into the murky shallows to fish a hole with bramble and stumps. I hooked up right away. A very strong fish pulled my lure right off. Broke my line! ARRRGH! Three times at this spot a dandy of a fish has gotten the best of me. which brings me to the point of bait you like to use. If you love it, then buy at least three! That was my only perch. I will go back and I will conquer. I hope.

The wife at the dam. She loves this spot. She has caught her personal best fish here. A 5lb. northern.

The next time I post I hope to have more of a purpose for you of why I am doing this and introduce you to my family. Until then, keep your Drag set right.


  1. HI Sean - Just came to check out your site from Casey's. I love the name...good one! Good luck on your blog and fishing!

  2. Hi Sean. I too came across your site from Casey's and want to wish you good luck in blogdom. I've blogged, vacationed, quit, and now I'm back again. Stop in if you get a minute. Oh, my followers doesn't work either. I just removed it.


  3. Great Blog. Just came from Casey's website. Beauty of a Smallie. I sometimes head down to Iowa in the winter months for some trout fishing. I will be checking back for some more reports and posts. Tight Lines.

  4. Good looking smallie! great post. look forward to following along.

  5. Hi everybody! I'm here to tell you that Sean thanks you very much for the follows and comments!!! But right now his computer isn't letting him do some things like post comments. We're working through the issues and hopefully things will get right soon.

    Take care -

  6. Thank you everyone who came to check my blog out. I look forward to following your sites and like wise. Stay cool where ever you are.

  7. Stopped by Fungal Threads and found you were dipping your line into the fishing blog world. I will be stopping in to see what was hooked at the water end of the fishing pole by you and your family.