Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reason for my blog

I'm sure there is no super life changing or eye opeing event that will be posted here. I am trying this blog mainly to share my outings and thoughts of what I think works and doesn't work in certain situations on the water.
I'm also kind of looking forward to talking to other people even if no one talks back.
I was going to give you a short detailed background of me but, I figured why bore you with that. Let's just leave this at that I am a family man with a love for the outdoors. An angel for a wife (Terri) and two beautiful children (Carlye a teenage daughter and Shea a four month old boy).
I work hard for my living and haven't many friends around here. So I am hoping this blog helps me make some along the way.

Since my last post it has been scorching hot here in Iowa. When that ended Friday we had Rains form heaven to drown the plants! So nothing new to share for recent outings. Here are some pics of old to share.
The top is my wife Terri with her personal best a 5lb northern. Yeah she's afraid to handle it. "IT HAS TEETH"!! And below Carlye with a monster hybrid caught at a private farm pond.
Until next time. Keep your drag set right.


  1. You have to start somewhere, just start writing and see where it goes.

  2. Wow that is a whopper of a Northern. That hybrid is surely a Monster. Heat then rain. I feel your pain. Hopefully the weather cooperates and you guys can tighten up those lines on some more lunkers. Tight Lines.